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GetAbstract Business Book Summaries: Are They Worth It?

Speed Readers Vs. Mere Mortals

Have you ever really thought how long it takes you to read a best-selling business book from cover to cover? If you are a speed reader, probably you can finish a book within a few hours and still digest the contents of the book like a dry sponge sucks up water. For mere mortals like me, reading a book can take hours if I were to read it in ideal conditions. Ideal being no interruptions at all but, how often does this happen? Rarely.

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To tell you frankly, I used to struggle just to finish reading a book. Most of the time, it would take me weeks or even months to finish a book because more often than not, I found this going down the list of my priorities. Given my tight work schedule, family life, and other social responsibilities, there was no chance that I could ever get to finish a book within my optimistic target time.

Is GetAbstract Any Different From Other Services?

Book Summaries by getAbstractI have always been on the lookout for business tools that will help take my learning to the next level. The problem was that the information from books were always there but it always took me forever to pull the information that I really needed.

Executive book summaries present business books in a compact and simplified way so that you will be able to get the most out of your time and still gain knowledge from today's hottest business authors and leaders. If you want to be up to date with the latest best-selling business books, executive book summaries are the way to go.

There are various executive book summaries services in the market today. I have tried a couple of them and they just did not hit my sweet spot. Someone had mentioned about GetAbstract so I decided to dig further into this. I once came across a review of GetAbstract somewhere and the reviewer was not positive citing that GetAbstract's summaries were made "too short and too simple to understand." What? Who in the world would not want something short and simple. I would ... so I decided to look into GetAbstract further.

I downloaded GetAbstract's sample and ended up subscribing because based on what I have seen, GetAbstract provides the best quality among these services. The summaries are crisp, well-written, and presented better. I found GetAbstract's information architecture more interesting and easier to understand as opposed to other services that I have seen in the market.


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